Taken from Flickr Creative Commons I go through hobbies like people go through shoes. I always have too many, and yet never enough opportunities to  put them to use. You could say that I get bored and comfortable with wearing the same ones over and over until they’re worn, and I throw them to the […]

Communication is POWER. Think about it. Go ahead and call to mind your favorite leader. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not the first person to push for racial equality. In fact, many had been calling for the revolution he is known for. Yet one thing made him different: incredibly effective communication. His ability to successfully […]

I like to talk. I have a hard time listening without thinking of what to say next. Sometimes, I think this is how we navigate blogging. We think about what we want to say next without listening to what’s been said to us. We have readers who respond and while we read what they say, […]

I wonder how many of you will skip down to the videos below before reading this. If I were you, I would.  Humans are drawn to emotion through personal connection. It is the reason we read novels and watch television shows. We want to know others and we want to see their lives. For years, […]

What do you do when it’s a beautiful Saturday and you’re looking for something to do with your dog, mother, and partner? Go for a hike! While many don’t suspect Atlanta to be an outdoorsy city, there are hundreds of trails within 30 minutes of the city. These trails make you feel like you’re millions […]

Since I was a child, I’ve always had an easier time writing my feelings than saying them. Verbal expression was never a strength of mine and through the years, I found writing to be an outlet for creativity and just a plan necessity for everyday communication. For that reason, I love social media. Yet for […]

On a retreat this weekend, we had a session about contemplative prayer. In it, many shared about how they most connect to the Divine. Over and over, people spoke of  traditional Western prayer in which they offer verbal words aimed at influencing or understanding God. As I sat and listened to the ways in which […]

Good storytelling embraces the concept of NEED. It is true that good stories invite us to become part of the story, either through our own character or our role as audience. Stories remind us that we aren’t alone. Stories draw us to ourselves, and to others. Companies understand this, and In drawing us to ourselves […]

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